Why Gibraltar

The Redmount Group provides a bespoke range of cross border management services. Our office network is placed in key jurisdictions to better serve the requirements of our clients.

Our core business is the formation and management of both 'onshore' and ‘offshore' companies, Trusts Funds, pensions and other structures to meet the requirements of individuals, corporations, intermediaries and family offices. We can also provide succession planning, tax advisory, legal, insurance, accounting, aviation and yacht registration services.

Gibraltar itself has a favourable tax regime allowing for tax VAT free purchase of assets, tax free sales, no import duty on vessels over 18m, VAT free goods supplied to vessels in transit. Plus the cheapest fuel in Europe.

Situated at the gateway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean Gibraltar has always been recognised as a vital and strategic location with easy access for great sailing along the Spanish, Portuguese and North African coasts.

Perhaps more importantly, we speak the same language, the legal system broadly follows the UK model and the banking system is accessible and understandable with large finance houses in the territory such as, RBSI, Barclays, Credit Suisse, SG Hambros, Lloyds, Saffa Bank to name a few.

History & Constitution

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory since 1713 and the British Government, which appoints a Governor of Gibraltar, retains the responsibility for defence and international affairs.

Gibraltar is a member of the European Union through its association with the United Kingdom but not a member of the Customs Union with notably Value Added Tax not extending to Gibraltar. Gibraltar law is based on ordinances passed by the House of Assembly and follows Common Law principles. Because of its common law basis, Gibraltar recognises all types of Trusts.

• Good geographical location and bilingual (English and Spanish) territory
• Cost effectiveness and attractive fiscal regime for investors
• Excellent reputation, stable government and special status within the European Union
• Excellent infrastructure and communications
• Favourable tax status
• No exchange controls.

Geographical Location

Situated at the gateway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean Gibraltar has always been recognised as a vitally strategic location.

Financial Services Regulation

Gibraltar passed the Financial Services Ordinance and Financial Services Commission Ordinance in 1989. The effect of these ordinances was twofold, firstly to require all businesses carrying on financial services to register and secondly to establish a commission to police them.

The functions of the commission are broadly to keep under review the operation of Gibraltar legislation and the effectiveness of supervision of financial services; to monitor the extent to which the legislation complies with EU obligations and supervisory standards in the UK; to protect the public against financial loss arising out of dishonesty, incompetence or malpractice. The Financial Services Commission supervises and regulates the traditional areas of Banking, Insurance and Investment Business, and certain controlled activities such as company management, professional trusteeship and insurance broking.

Unlike any other jurisdiction Gibraltar's supervisory activities are subject to regular review by the UK Authorities. The FSC's own founding Ordinance prescribes this. The UK is thus able to ensure that the regulatory legislation and standards of supervision in Gibraltar match those of the UK itself.